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Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I haven't been blogging as much as I use to. Sometimes I feel like my feeling is so hard to describe in words. That's why I'm on Instagram more often, it just feels like pictures are easier to explain. But none the less, I would like to focus on my blog more and keep my personal diary running. 

So in this post, I've decided to choose six of my recent Instagram photo that better describes 
"what I'm up to lately?".

So at the start of the year, my husband and I made a bold decision to move to a new city. We bought our first home and literally re-renovated the whole thing. From Calgary to Vancouver, the transition felt easy to us as my husband was born and raised in Hong Kong and I use to live in Vancouver when I was younger so it always had a sweet spot for me to be in a busy city. The only part that made me feel like this "whole thing" was a bad idea, was the fact that I moved away from my four sisters. Yes, I have four sisters haha. So, because of that - I always find an "excuse" every month to go back to Calgary and visit them - cause you know, "sister fever".  

Once the spring/summer seasons came into town, I began to garnish my home with plants. Just cause, I read about it somewhere where plants help purify the air and the colour "green" is easy on the eyes. So I garnished the crap out of my house to the point that I literally became the new "plant lady". But I have to say, dealing with plants is not easy - it's tough but fun because you have to figure out their "personality".

One of my best friends got married this year in the beautiful area of North Vancouver and she put me in the position of coordinating her wedding. Which at first scared every living cell in my body but I do like "taking control". Her whole vision was absolutely beautiful and I was so happy to coordinate alongside her bridal party and make her wedding dreams come true. Definitely a creativeness I didn't know I had.

My hand essentials have been pretty minimal this year. Every day I rocked out with my simple watch from Medium and my dainty rings from Joie De Cristaux. I feel like every year has its arm vibes and this year I've been really liking Joie De Cristaux, not only are we good friends in person but I feel like our personalities are very similar. Super happy to wear her designs and show the people the local makers and how amazing supporting a local business is. Love you Amanda -xoxo

I don't eat out as much as I use to, cause you know "bills, groceries..." But I always enjoy a good girls night out with my friends in Calgary (ps. we all met through Instagram). We came across, Ten Foot Henry and they are a local restaurant that serves family style dining alongside vegetables being the main anchor. They create unique and distinctive flavours that will get your taste buds saying "wow". But the other thing that made me really happy when I walked in, is the abundance of indoor plants hanging everywhere. I said to myself - Goals! 

So for those of you that have read my blog before or follow me on Instagram - my side focus is Mind The Minimal.  It's a small local business where I handcraft concrete into unique forms and shapes into home ornament/decoration. I make products along the line of planters, ring holders, concrete candles - anything I can think of to mix concrete and minimalism together. I've started MTM roughly a year and a half now and I'm excited to say I finally have fifteen stockists and I'm hoping to expand more this coming year. So please check out our Instagram and let me know what you think.


Well, this concludes the majority of what happened this year. I hoped you liked this post - I feel like it's different but I'm really liking this way of explaining my Instagram and not just the short captions. 

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Let me know in the comments below what your major changes are this year and let me know your Instagram handle - I'll definitely follow you.


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