Social Media Struggles


I hear this a lot and I feel it at times, is that Social Media can get depressing.
It's true, being in this industry where you weigh heavily on social media can be overwhelming and heavy on the mind. Constantly seeing different beautiful posts and trying to catch up to it is like inception, one after another - never ends. 

I personally, had this issue a few years ago where social media was taking over my life, (still is) but it was to a point where I felt I wasn't good enough, comparing my life to others, and constantly felt depressed. It was like a roller coaster ride where amazing moments boost you up, then constantly feeling defeated and rolling back down again. 

After a few good rides, I knew this wasn't what my life was made for. 
I knew that my life had much more to it then - my phone.

So, I made up this formula in my head to think right and not let social media distract me. 
Because the truth is, I still weigh heavily on it. 

After a few good years of being much more, well "me" alongside social media. 
Here are a few tips that helped me and will hopefully help you.

 Learn to love yourself
The most important thing in life is to learn to self-love. 
When you put yourself as a priority, you'll understand that nothing else matters.

Don't Compare
Why compare, when it's an ongoing never-ending cycle. 
There's absolutely nothing that makes you not as good as someone else.
Tip: If there's a certain someone that you always compare yourself to and makes you feel upset or unconfident - straight up mute it or delete it - You'll be surprised how good it'll make you feel after you ignore it until you find your way to love yourself again.

Post for the visual diary, not for the "like"
Numbers, numbers, numbers - who gives a fuck?
If you have a style, a story, a momentum.
That's all you need, not numbers.

Lastly, learn to Enjoy Life
Do things that make you happy.
Go out, take a fresh breath of air and point out three beautiful things you see. 
Learn that there's much more to life that can make you happy then just a stupid ol' phone.

- - -
Alright, well here's what helped me get through this social media crisis.
Social media was meant to share stories and be able to connect with like-minded people.

To me, it's like my personal portfolio of things I love, things I do, and things I wanna do.

So Be You, Not Someone Else. 

Love you guys!

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