Have Less, Do More, Be More


Have Less, Do More, Be More!
What's your medium?

I like things organized, simple and easy to understand.
Helps me concentrate and focus on the important things without clouding my vision.

Stay Motivated

Don't let the heavy snow or rain get you down and make you lose your train of thoughts. 
Always remember that if there's no action there's no production. Always stay focus and work towards your goals.

Have Momento

With the vibrant on-going environment that you encounter every day. Sometimes, you can be out of your zone and you need that little reminder to keep yourself on track. Always have something that can boost your ego and remind you to pull yourself back up again. Mine is this simple timepiece by Medium with the beautiful minimal stainless silver + black details. Etched on the back is the medium I live by "Have Less, Do More, Be More".

Stay Hydrated

Lastly, keep your brain juice flowing and get yourself hydrated.
Your body thrives for water all the time and simple to say - water fixes it all!

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Medium Watch in Silver + Black

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What's your medium?

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