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I've always hated smiling with my teeth showing but I don't have to anymore!
I've been introduced to coco oil pulling by Kismet*

And my first question was "what's coco oil pulling?"

Alright, let me explain - it's an ancient way to get whiter teeth and fresher breath.
The steps are as easy as swishing a small amount of coconut oil in your mouth for about 10-20 minutes and it is said to draw toxins out of your body.

Swishing coconut oil in your mouth does feel weird but...
I saw results right away! 

I usually use the coco rinse right before showering and I swish it till I'm finished.
It doesn't have to be a fast swish, just regular back and forth motion is fine but try to really bring it around all the teeth including the back molars. And then spit it out in the trash can, not sink - cause it can clog. Easy as that and after my first try - my mouth felt so clean, not oily like I thought it would be and literally a shade whiter. So of course, after the first use being so impressive; I started to use it twice a week and brush+floss after.

Aside from the whitening, it is said to have many other benefits like:

Fresher Breath | Improve Digestion | Reduce Headaches | Cleaner Tongue + Mouth | Better Immune System | Healthier Gums | Reduce Plaque | Clearer, Softer Skin | Improve Skin Conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis | Balance Hormones

Definitely recommend on giving it a try, it's fast + easy!
And way more healthier than using chemical whitening.

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