After a few good stressful months, Mindtheminimal has finally launched!

It's been quite an adventure and I've learned so many new things - I'll do it again in a heartbeat.
It's such a great experience to build something from scratch and to see it happen.
Well enough about the intro, here's what Mindtheminimal is about. 

What is Mindtheminimal?

Handcrafted minimal aesthetic based on the element of concrete + minimalism.

Story behind Mindtheminimal?

What started off as a simple blog became much more when I decided to pursue it. 
With a sudden change of career path, it all hit me in an instant to find something that I wanted to create of my own.

Mindtheminimal came to be when I discovered my love for modern design and minimalism. Through sketches and planning, the element of concrete became what I wanted to work with. With its simple structure and rawness, it turned into something that means a whole lot more.

With the love of minimalism and the whole concept of transitioning it to our modern lifestyle, I hope you get inspired through my designs and let's mind the minimal together

Thank you for everyone's support! 

Please follow us on @mindtheminimal

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