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If you live in Calgary and you haven't been to Bro'Kin Yolk yet, you're missing out! 
When they first opened, I was so excited because we finally have a cute little breakfast spot up north.
And what's even better is that my favourite benny is served perfectly here when combined with their delicious homemade belgium waffle.

There's so much to rave about but let me give you a quick intro to Bro'Kin Yolk.
(information taken from their site)

The Bro's - Gil + Jeff. Two Alberta-born-and-raised brothers behind the Bro'Kin Yolk
Kin - You! Our family, friends, customers and our local farmers + suppliers
Yolk - A staple in our menu and a staple when it comes to breakfast

Serve:  Breakfast, Lunch + Coffee
Location:  #130, 12580 Symons Valley Road NW. Calgary, Alberta
Telephone:  (587) 317-5743 
Hours:  Open Everyday from 7am to 3pm

My first impression of this place is that the atmosphere is very clean, friendly and the service is absolutely amazing. Just like their name "KIN", expect to feel like you're a part of their community and a part of their family. With their family bond being so strong, you really see that they put the effort into knowing each and every one of their customers, making us feel like a part of their family too.

Happy to say, this is one of my favourite breakfast spots! And I would love to Congratulate them on their One Year Birthday. So happy to be able to share their joy, their happiness and their success and there definitely will be many many more years!

Thank you @LapetitteShar for inviting me along to celebrate their First Birthday
& Happy Birthday Bro'Kin Yolk

ps. did I mention they serve chicken & waffles? Check them out on instagram @brokinyolk

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