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When it comes to cooking, it's still such a new concept to me. 
There's days when I just don't feel like cooking or the main problem is I just don't know what to cook.
When Chef's Plate* reached out to me to try their program, it was an instant "yes" for me.

Chef's Plates Concept:

Weekly Recipes

You start off by choosing their weekly recipes that are created by their culinary team and guest chefs.
New recipes are introduced each week with healthy nutritious balanced meals. 

Fresh Ingredients

Their ingredients are pre-portioned to the right amount of servings for whichever subscription you subscribe. Their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced. Meats are antibiotic and hormone free. Everything is fresh, healthy and this way with their pre-portion there's no waste.

Convenient Delivery

You get to choose the date that you want your order delivered and even if you're not home, the food comes in a well refrigerated box. Always fresh.

Yes, Welcome Chef!
My experience throughout this whole process was amazing.
Here's a few points that I would love to rave about.

I loved how everything came in the bag and once you lay it out it's just simple step of following the procedures of cooking the meal. For someone like me, it's awesome cause I always want to create new dishes but don't know where to start. So I love the idea of how everything is in the box. 

The procedure and the guidance was clear and easy. Nothing hard to understand. For a beginner like me, I really felt like a chef with the end result.

The food was delicious, favourable and fresh!

They don't opt out on cheap produce. Everything was high end, even down to the pasta; it was not the dry pasta but fresh pasta. 

I feel like after cooking this meal, I learned a lot about cooking - simple tips and tricks. 
We made the tandoori chicken and the chicken came out so juicy and not dry "like when I usually make it". I feel more confident to cook because Chef's Plate makes it so easy!

My sisters and I had such a fun time playing with this meal, it was such a great bonding time for us. And it's such a great addition for those who are always busy and don't have the time to think or buy groceries. I think it's a great concept, it was fun and delicious.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone especially to the people who love to learn more about cooking. If you would like to try, enter #STEPHYKEUNG at checkout and receive an additional 3 free plates. 

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