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April, May, June~ what a month! Let's just say the last few months has been full of surprises and changes that I probably did not prepare myself too well for. Both my husband and I went from a full-time job to pursuing our dreams. So let's just say, it doesn't sound like a reasonable idea but it had to be done.

I've been working on a new project called MINDTHEMINIMAL for the past few months and launching it really soon. It's not much of a secret but I'll do a post about the launch when it's ready. As to that - I've been put in a situation where everything is new to me; from designing a ecommerce website, meeting with suppliers, packaging - the whole nine yards. Let's just say "Im stressed!"

So with all the changes happening all at once, here's a few tips on how I coped through the month being overwhelmed and stressed:

1.  As an entrepreneur, everyday is a different day. So, I need the handy planner 24/7 with me. At times, when I get lost tracked - a handy, convenient planner is what I rely on to keep my schedule tight and well spent.

2.  Set an alarm of when you turn off work and when you turn on relax mode. I know at times when you're really focused - you just don't want to stop. But it's unhealthy to push your body too hard, so I always set a time as to when I need to stop work and have some "me time" which is netflix + tea + clock out.

3.  There's days when negativity gets to you and I'm just thinking and doubting myself as to where I'm heading. But learn to keep yourself "in line". Write out a step by step procedure of what you need to get done and always cross out unnecessary things. Always keep your head straight and looking towards your goal and you'll learn to build the path to it.

4.  And the last thing, if all goes to hell and you just don't know what to do - head out and grab yourself an ice cream. You'll be surprised with how much "time" can heal. Sometimes your wrapped up in all this coil and what you need is a simple getaway. It's like pressing the "refresh" button.

So I thought I share with you, what the past few months have been like for me - but everything is always a learning procedure and coping with it could be hard but you gain the experience.

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