Let's Take That Hike


July is the perfect time to take that hike that we've been thinking about all year long.
For me, it's times like these that help me hit the reset button and just give yourself a quick mid-year break. So before we head off on that hike, let's brainstorm on some hiking 101.

When you plan for a hike, navigation is the key. You always need to start off by knowing where you're going and then you start to prepare for what it has to come. You then start by brainstorming and researching the weather, the challenge level and where about the hike is located. The point is to be prepared for whatever obstacle you hit. 

I don't know about you but where I live, the mountain weather can be quite crazy. The weather can be  devastatingly hot then turn freakishly cold within a minute. So always a bring a good jacket, preferably something that is comfortable, warm but most important light.  Always wear the appropriate clothing and be prepared for what the weather has to offer.

When it comes to this Helly Hansen Jotun Jacket*, my husband always says it's the perfect kind of confidence for a long walk. And he says this because he loves how lightweight, waterproof and windproof the jacket is with very convenient pockets. And another plus is, when it gets hot and he want to take it off, the jacket can be so compact and literally use up no space in your backpack.

Ok, now let's talk about the mind. When the body is getting prepared for a easy or moderate hike, it'll get you excited and pumped for the day ahead - always not be restless. Sleep a few hours early if you can, so your body is equipped. Drink plenty of water before and during the hike to keep yourself hydrated and energized. Always bring light comforting snacks depending on the length of your hike, but never leave your house empty-handed and not bring food. 

So those are the few things that are in my mind before I head out to the rockies, but "hey, it's better to be prepared then not, right?"


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