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Ok, so lately my skincare regimen has changed because I'm really into the whole organic thing. I've been always told and the truth is that your skin is the largest organ in your body and it's the first target of any pollutants. So while I'm on the roll of organic, I was happy to be treated to a Tata Harper* Hydrating Therapy Facial and I would love to share with you my experience to the facial and the products I was introduced to that I absolutely love!

Tata Harper Skincare is the leading 100% natural & nontoxic skincare line which uses the world's most advanced results-driven technology to nourish the skin and fight the signs of aging while promoting overall health, wellness, beauty and vitality.  Each product has a unique concentrated formulation and made in small batch in Vermont.  

Current Skin Condition - Very dry overall / clogged skin around the nose & chin

The process was like any other facials but with much more informative points.
The aesthetician told me a lot of in-depth details about each product, it's ingredients and why it's good for your skin. So here's the top three products that I really enjoyed using, saw results afterward and really recommend to those who are looking into 100% natural and nontoxic anti-aging skincare.

1.  Replenishing Nutrient Complex
When it comes to their nutrient complex, I'm absolutely obsessed. I used this product for about two weeks and honestly my skin feels so healthy. My skin tends to get stressed out easily and can get pretty dull but after using this product, my skin feels so energized! It's like all the lost nutrients are back. The main focus of this complex is that it acts as a multi-vitamin for the skin and naturally heals and reinforce the skin and give an instant dewy glow. I use this as the last layer and it basically locks everything in and protect me from the pollutants + I love the dewy effect.

High Performance Ingredients: Alfalfa, Jojoba+Borage, Linden and Rose Geranium

2.  Regenerating Cleanser
The amazing part about this regenerating cleanser is that it purifies the skin with a combination of sugars, enzymes and clay while activating the skin natural enzymes. What I absolutely love about this cleanser is that they incorporated clay and pomegranate/papaya enzymes to de-clog any congestion and basically as the aesthetician says "it's a magnet that sucks out the dirt." Blackhead-Free and I'm ready to go.

High Performance Ingredients: Foaming Sugars, Broccoli Extract, Purple Clay, and Fennel

3. Rejuvenating Serum
This serum is quite something when it comes to absorbing. My skin instantly drinks it right up and feels all moisturized and bouncy. It claims to improve wrinkles and boost antioxidant and I'm totally agreeing with it. Collagens all the way~

High Performance Ingredients: Date Palm Extract, Spanish Lavender Extract, Narcissus Bulb Extract and Menyanthes Trifoliata

So overall, I love this brand - it has a great initiative with their amazing 100% natural + nontoxic ingredients. This might sound untrue but they have been certified by many different organization and are proven to not have a single drop of synthetic chemicals. The aroma of their products are the smell of the natural ingredients, so it gives out a soothing and relaxing effect. They hold a great moral of believing what you put on your skin is what goes in your body, so they only use the best ingredients. Their product is all made at a farm in Vermont - starting from packaging, to mixing, to creating and basically till it's out the door. That says a lot!

So definitely check out Tata Harper cause my skin is really loving it~

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