Let's Take That Hike


July is the perfect time to take that hike that we've been thinking about all year long.
For me, it's times like these that help me hit the reset button and just give yourself a quick mid-year break. So before we head off on that hike, let's brainstorm on some hiking 101.

When you plan for a hike, navigation is the key. You always need to start off by knowing where you're going and then you start to prepare for what it has to come. You then start by brainstorming and researching the weather, the challenge level and where about the hike is located. The point is to be prepared for whatever obstacle you hit. 

I don't know about you but where I live, the mountain weather can be quite crazy. The weather can be  devastatingly hot then turn freakishly cold within a minute. So always a bring a good jacket, preferably something that is comfortable, warm but most important light.  Always wear the appropriate clothing and be prepared for what the weather has to offer.

When it comes to this Helly Hansen Jotun Jacket*, my husband always says it's the perfect kind of confidence for a long walk. And he says this because he loves how lightweight, waterproof and windproof the jacket is with very convenient pockets. And another plus is, when it gets hot and he want to take it off, the jacket can be so compact and literally use up no space in your backpack.

Ok, now let's talk about the mind. When the body is getting prepared for a easy or moderate hike, it'll get you excited and pumped for the day ahead - always not be restless. Sleep a few hours early if you can, so your body is equipped. Drink plenty of water before and during the hike to keep yourself hydrated and energized. Always bring light comforting snacks depending on the length of your hike, but never leave your house empty-handed and not bring food. 

So those are the few things that are in my mind before I head out to the rockies, but "hey, it's better to be prepared then not, right?"

July is the perfect time to take that hike that we've been thinking about all year long. For me, it's times like these that h...

Let's Go Naturale | Tata Harper


Ok, so lately my skincare regimen has changed because I'm really into the whole organic thing. I've been always told and the truth is that your skin is the largest organ in your body and it's the first target of any pollutants. So while I'm on the roll of organic, I was happy to be treated to a Tata Harper* Hydrating Therapy Facial and I would love to share with you my experience to the facial and the products I was introduced to that I absolutely love!

Tata Harper Skincare is the leading 100% natural & nontoxic skincare line which uses the world's most advanced results-driven technology to nourish the skin and fight the signs of aging while promoting overall health, wellness, beauty and vitality.  Each product has a unique concentrated formulation and made in small batch in Vermont.  

Current Skin Condition - Very dry overall / clogged skin around the nose & chin

The process was like any other facials but with much more informative points.
The aesthetician told me a lot of in-depth details about each product, it's ingredients and why it's good for your skin. So here's the top three products that I really enjoyed using, saw results afterward and really recommend to those who are looking into 100% natural and nontoxic anti-aging skincare.

1.  Replenishing Nutrient Complex
When it comes to their nutrient complex, I'm absolutely obsessed. I used this product for about two weeks and honestly my skin feels so healthy. My skin tends to get stressed out easily and can get pretty dull but after using this product, my skin feels so energized! It's like all the lost nutrients are back. The main focus of this complex is that it acts as a multi-vitamin for the skin and naturally heals and reinforce the skin and give an instant dewy glow. I use this as the last layer and it basically locks everything in and protect me from the pollutants + I love the dewy effect.

High Performance Ingredients: Alfalfa, Jojoba+Borage, Linden and Rose Geranium

2.  Regenerating Cleanser
The amazing part about this regenerating cleanser is that it purifies the skin with a combination of sugars, enzymes and clay while activating the skin natural enzymes. What I absolutely love about this cleanser is that they incorporated clay and pomegranate/papaya enzymes to de-clog any congestion and basically as the aesthetician says "it's a magnet that sucks out the dirt." Blackhead-Free and I'm ready to go.

High Performance Ingredients: Foaming Sugars, Broccoli Extract, Purple Clay, and Fennel

3. Rejuvenating Serum
This serum is quite something when it comes to absorbing. My skin instantly drinks it right up and feels all moisturized and bouncy. It claims to improve wrinkles and boost antioxidant and I'm totally agreeing with it. Collagens all the way~

High Performance Ingredients: Date Palm Extract, Spanish Lavender Extract, Narcissus Bulb Extract and Menyanthes Trifoliata

So overall, I love this brand - it has a great initiative with their amazing 100% natural + nontoxic ingredients. This might sound untrue but they have been certified by many different organization and are proven to not have a single drop of synthetic chemicals. The aroma of their products are the smell of the natural ingredients, so it gives out a soothing and relaxing effect. They hold a great moral of believing what you put on your skin is what goes in your body, so they only use the best ingredients. Their product is all made at a farm in Vermont - starting from packaging, to mixing, to creating and basically till it's out the door. That says a lot!

So definitely check out Tata Harper cause my skin is really loving it~

Ok, so lately my skincare regimen has changed because I'm really into the whole organic thing. I've been always told and the t...

Tips | When You're Stressing


April, May, June~ what a month! Let's just say the last few months has been full of surprises and changes that I probably did not prepare myself too well for. Both my husband and I went from a full-time job to pursuing our dreams. So let's just say, it doesn't sound like a reasonable idea but it had to be done.

I've been working on a new project called MINDTHEMINIMAL for the past few months and launching it really soon. It's not much of a secret but I'll do a post about the launch when it's ready. As to that - I've been put in a situation where everything is new to me; from designing a ecommerce website, meeting with suppliers, packaging - the whole nine yards. Let's just say "Im stressed!"

So with all the changes happening all at once, here's a few tips on how I coped through the month being overwhelmed and stressed:

1.  As an entrepreneur, everyday is a different day. So, I need the handy planner 24/7 with me. At times, when I get lost tracked - a handy, convenient planner is what I rely on to keep my schedule tight and well spent.

2.  Set an alarm of when you turn off work and when you turn on relax mode. I know at times when you're really focused - you just don't want to stop. But it's unhealthy to push your body too hard, so I always set a time as to when I need to stop work and have some "me time" which is netflix + tea + clock out.

3.  There's days when negativity gets to you and I'm just thinking and doubting myself as to where I'm heading. But learn to keep yourself "in line". Write out a step by step procedure of what you need to get done and always cross out unnecessary things. Always keep your head straight and looking towards your goal and you'll learn to build the path to it.

4.  And the last thing, if all goes to hell and you just don't know what to do - head out and grab yourself an ice cream. You'll be surprised with how much "time" can heal. Sometimes your wrapped up in all this coil and what you need is a simple getaway. It's like pressing the "refresh" button.

So I thought I share with you, what the past few months have been like for me - but everything is always a learning procedure and coping with it could be hard but you gain the experience.
April, May, June~ what a month! Let's just say the last few months has been  full of surprises and changes that I probably did not ...

Newlie | Louise Backpack Review


So it's a little of the ordinary that I'll be posting something about babies, but my sister recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and as a new mom, she needs all the help and resources with her new bundle of joy. I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Newlie Louise Backpack Diaper Bagand "what perfect timing!"- it would be awesome to let my sister test out the bag.

To start off, let me tell you how cute this back is because it's much more then a backpack. It's very versatile and can also be worn as a shoulder bag and cross body bag. The material is water resistant and made of nylon detailed with faux leather and brass hardware. It comes with a changing pad with foam cushioning, key FOB, 3 exterior pockets, 6 interior pockets and light coloured lining to make finding things easy. Dimensions are 14" H x 14" W x 6"D / Handle Drop of 8".

With my little niece adapting to the world she's always kicking, looking cute and always dropping her pacifier; -being a mom is no easy job. It's crazy to see my sister having her first child but it's also crazy to see how good of a mom she is. It's like the natural instincts just come right out and I'm proud of her for being able to pick it up so fast. It must be stressful as a new mom, so with all that stress, it's nice to have a bag with very convenient pockets and spots to put the diapers, baby bottles, baby wipes, toys, books, pacifier case, baby cloths - you name it! And above it all, the bag is so chic and stylish! It'll be perfect even for a regular backpack. 

So to all you mommies out there, please give yourself a big pat on the back because being a mom is not easy and lots of work is put into loving your child. "But hey, why not do it with style and try out this convenient Newlie Backpack so you can be hands-free and enjoy your time with your precious baby?.
So it's a little of the ordinary that I'll be posting something about babies, but my sister recently gave birth to a beautiful ...


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