How To Stay Motivated


When it comes to motivation, I have to clearly admit that it's no easy task. With so many things to do during the day, it's easy to get lost in your mind and forget about your key focus. But don't stress, I've put together a few tips and tricks to get your day going again.

Like everyone says, #butfirstcoffee! It's seriously the perfect way to start the day. Drinking something warm to get the blood circulating can actually promote your brain to be more active. 
So sit back, sip up and savour the moment!

On days when I feel unmotivated, I sit down with my cup of coffee and I #setgoals. Pick up your favourite pen and paper and start noting down the things you want to do and accomplish. Although you may not be able to get everything done on the list but at least you have it organized. It makes a huge difference when it's on paper vs. in your mind because when you get things done one at a time and you start crossing it off your list, it's a great sense of accomplishment. 

Ok, now #tablesituation. In those moments when you sit down by your table and you look at the computer screen filled with a blank white image, "yes, you're clearly unmotivated!" Key objects that I like to have on my table is my favourite #stationery. Especially stationery with your certain style and  uniqueness. I like to have with me a notepad that says "Dear Self..." clearly to remind me all the time of my goals, a blank note pad that I use for sketching of ideas, and candles to keep me relaxed. I find that when my table situation is right, it always sets the perfect mood. 

Last but not least, #stayinspired. It's easier said then to be done but I like to have quotes and pictures of my favourite style laying around to keep me motivated. I always use social medias like Pinterest and Instagram to browse through beautiful portfolios and keep myself inspired. So staying motivated isn't too hard as long as you set your goals, stay inspired, do things that you love.

A kind mention to our wonderful stationery that always provides us with functionality, inspiration and simple beauty. Without you, I don't think I can keep myself motivated. Thank you to Papyrus* for sending me beautiful stationery, that I honestly love and can't get enough of. 

Happy Stationery Day! 
Let me know in the comments below your favourite stationery and how it keeps you motivated. 
When it comes to motivation, I have to clearly admit that it's no easy task. With so many things to do during the day, it'...

My Travel Diary | Singapore


Walking into the city with not much of the city's knowledge or expectations, I came out completely surprised. Starting off with the cleanliness; the city has strict rules about littering, chewing gum, smoking or any sorts of vandalism with law-enforced rules. Expect to see a very clean city with beautiful infrastructures and very friendly citizens. 

Although my travels in Singapore was short, I managed to easily get around to the key places:

Gardens By The Bay18 Marina Gardens Drive
This beautiful dreamy garden is like a virtual world of mesmerizing plantation. With tall trees that creates walkways among each other, it gives a beautiful view of the city but from a tall view. 
And when you think it can't be anymore beautiful, there's a different night scene with choreographed lights that you won't want to miss.

Marina Bay | 11 Marina Boulevard
The neighborhood of everything modern and stylish by the waterfront. The bay is surrounded by astounding architects, shopping area, and delicious food. Another thing you wouldn't want to miss right by the bay is Merlion Park. There's a statue of a infamous merlion with a head of a lion and the body of a fish. It symbolizes Singapore and it faces east in which it believes to bring in prosperity.

Palm's Beach Seafood Restaurant | 1 Fullerton Road
Located in Marina Bay facing the waterfront, this beautiful restaurant with a comfy outdoor patio setting and modern indoor design was known for their famous Singapore Chilli Crab. Put the bib on and all your lady-like manners aside cause this is a hands-on thing in order to feast on this famous crab. And I must say, the experience and taste was fantastic.

Lady M Confections3 Gateway Drive #02-25/26
If you're down for a cake that is not too sweet, light and tastes heavenly, then Lady M has perfected the Mille Crepe Cake that you must try. Each cake has twenty paper thin handmade crepes, layered with light cream and many different flavours. On this trip we were able to try the French Earl Grey and Green Tea and I must say the teas are perfectly infused into this twenty layers of goodness.

Chinatown | 2 Banda Street
The local chinatown in Singapore is filled with history and traditions. But to me, it was all about the food. We were able to try their Laksa and their national dish, "chicken rice". The Laksa is a noodle soup with an interesting broth of coconut milk and spice served with prawns. And what makes their chicken rice so different is that they boil the chicken till it's fully cooked, then blanch in cold water and finally seasoning. This way the chicken is sure to be tender and served with a sweet chilli sauce for a special twist. 

With just two short days, Singapore has given me a very rewarding experience and a very memorable  feeling. This city has more than meets the eye and I'm excited for my trip back in the near future, till then!

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Walking into the city with not much of the city's knowledge or expectations, I came out completely surprised. Starting off with the...

JMagazine | Natural Skincare


When it comes to mature skin, it's always best to use natural skincare products with active ingredients to keep the skin calm and healthy. It's been quite a few years now since I've been introduced to natural skincare and I really would like to mention this trio from JMagazine.* 

I received this trio about a month ago and took it on my travels. 
Here's a quick description of what it says on the packaging.

Cleansing Oil: serum that purifies the skin and regulates the sebum.
Rose Water: a wonderful ritual to soothe the skin.
Le Serum de Jacynthe: an anti-aging serum that promotes collagen production, 
improves hydration while maintaining the integrity of the epidermis.

Direction of Use: 

Cleanse and remove makeup with cleansing oil, rinse thoroughly and spray floral water on the face to  prepare the skin for serum. 
Apply serum on wet skin to seal it all in.

My Review:

First off, the packaging really appealed to me and I love the simple elegant handwriting design. The bottles are made of glass and easy to be kept clean and hygienic. I'm not a major fan of the cleansing oil as it felt a little too heavy for my skin. The texture is great but I don't like the aftermath feeling. But on the other hand, the rose oil and serum is seriously amazing! The benefit of the natural ingredient rose is that it's used best on mature skin that needs toning and regeneration. I noticed that after about two weeks of use, my skin around the nose area felt more tightened and toned. During this holiday, my skin is slightly damaged from too much sun exposure and I realized how much the rose water helped with healing my irritated skin. My overall review, I simply love the natural ingredients and it's properties. It feels great to not put any chemicals on your face and replacing that with essential oils. I definitely recommend their rose fragranced trio.

When it comes to mature skin, it's always best to use natural skincare products with active ingredients to keep the skin calm and h...


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