Ready for Valentine's?


Get ready for Valentine's with Papyrus*

Alright lets get that pen and paper ready and plan this special day for your loved ones.

1. What's their favourite kinda days? Plan for their preference.
Personally I love netflix, hot chocolate cozy kinda days but they could be up for something exciting,  romantic and entertaining.
 Plan towards what you think best suits you guys as a couple and progress from there.

2. Set the mood and plan a meal.
You can either dine in or dine out, which ever you think is the best to leave a memorable moment.
I love dining out for valentine's as it's fun to dress up and have a reason to look pretty for your special date.
Setting the mood with candles is my absolute favourite.

3.  Prepare a gift, especially something handmade.
For Valentine's, I always prepare something handmade or creative like a card.
I find personal pieces like these are more thoughtful and creative.
I mean you can always pick up items from stores but I like to save that for birthdays or christmas.

4. Don't forget to tell your loved ones how much you love them.
Last and most important, the meaning of the day is to let your loved one know your feelings and your love for them.
 Always top it off with a cute kiss!

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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Love ya <3

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