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When it comes to eyeglasses, I'm very particular with how it sits and the comfort level.
I wear glasses literally everyday and the occasional contact lenses. So when it comes to looking for new glasses, I look at the nose piece, the ear bar and the lightness.

This month, I got a chance to try out Firmoo Eyewear*; and it's a beautiful site that sells high quality eyewear but with affordable pricing. At first, I was thinking "Oh no, how will I know if the glasses look good on me or if they can make it the power of lenses that I need?". But simple enough, they have tools on their site that can let you virtually pick your face shape or use your own photo and match the pair of glasses you like over the picture. It was very convenient and gives customer a better idea of the glasses they're choosing. The second thing I worried about was if the glasses could hold a lens with the power of eyes I have because my eye power is pretty high and on top of that I have astigmatism.

So after all the skeptical things I was worried about, I received the glasses pretty quick and my first and final impression was that the glasses are amazing. It blew my mind how comfortable they are, how light they are and how well they sat on my nose. A lot of glasses tends to slide on me if there were no nose piece and this one sat so comfortablely. The quality is great, looks fashionable, and the design is so affordable. All I had to do was choose a design, upload my prescription and wait for it to get here. So quick, so easy and I'm so happy with these glasses.
So thank you Firmoo for this opportunity, I definitely recommend you guys!

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