Dear Twenty Five


Dear Twenty Five,

I know that twenty-five is kinda like what they say "a quarter life crisis", the big two five.
It's such an intimidating number and it feels like when girls reach to this age there's so much to worry about. Your skin starts to lose elasticity, your dietary habit of easily gaining weight, your bodies immune system doesn't work as good as before. Here's just to name a few but the most important is if your living the life you initially thought for yourself and if you're achieving the goals you originally set.

As always, setting goals is really easy but the "doing" part of it is extremely challenging.
So before I step into my quarter life crisis, let's set a few goals, have you guys as witness, make it happen and have a splendid year.

The most important one that can change and heal most things is drinking more water and watching my sugar/salt intake. My main goal is to concentrate on drinking water and cutting out any sugary drinks. The contribution of water to the body is huge and from reading lots of pins and articles, it can literally heal most body problems. Sugar and salt intake is definitely something I need to work on and avoiding. While my mind is still young, my body is aging and by controlling the intake of water, sugar and salt, let's hope my body stays young like my mind.

I say this often, but I really need to start working out and moving those muscles in my body. By exercising more, the blood in your body circulates more equally and allowing the organs to function at it's best performance. Therefore, yoga and basic cardio is on my list this year.

Positivity and actually getting things done is something I'm very bad at keeping. A lot of my life situation tends to gather up on me at once causing me to get anxious and not be able to figure out what to do first. This year, I would like to keep myself at a positive state, figure things out and accomplishing things I have promised.

So for me twenty-five is kinda a big year; I've recently changed my career and moved to a new home.
But I know that, nothing is ever too late and I'll keep my mind to that and step into twenty-five.

So twenty five, here I come; but i've came prepared.
What's your goals for the upcoming year?

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