Vanilla Candy Cane

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In my mind, I always had this theory that if there's a lot of scent in a product then it's no good for you. Obviously I'm not much of a "scent" kind a gal, always liked things that weren't too strong and benefited to the skin. This holiday I came across this Vanilla Candy Cane set from Rocky Mountain Soap and I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying this skincare ritual.  I definitely jumped on this train late and just realized they're from Canmore, Alberta. With that in mind, I finally figured out why they're products are so perfect for skin like mine; super dry - alberta weather! 

This set includes a body wash, bar soap, body butter, lip butter and a snowflake candle.
I tested the products for about 2 weeks and all my dry patches are gone. The product is very soothing, fun to use, scent is delightful - not too strong, and nourishing. Their products are made with lots of natural ingredients and they even have an aromatherapy line. Best new year discovery~

1 comment

  1. This looks amazing! I should try! Bet it smells amazing too!



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