Time of Reflection


December has finally arrived and nowadays it's all about keeping warm and knowing the comfort. It's also my favourite month because it's finally the end of the year, lots of happy gathering and a time to reflect upon the things that have happened.  So today's post I'm going to comment on things that I really enjoyed and things that I wish I could've done better. - kinda like a new year's resolution -

1.  This year has brought me many new opportunities and I'm so happy to be able to push myself to things that I'm very foreign to and try new things.

2.  I'm happy to see how much great people I have met through blogging and Instagramming. Whether it's a quick commenting convo or a coffee meet up; I'm so happy to see people with similar interests and be able to share each other's wisdom.

3.  My family is huge and being able to see each other all at once is always an issue. I love how this year each individual has gotten to know each other more, taken time out to the weekly gathering and being able to share our ups and downs. I feel like as a family, we've grown a lot closer this year.

4.  For the upcoming year, the thing I wish for the most is to control my procrastination. Time passes by so easily and so fast that I feel like I could've used it more effectively. 

5.  Learning to organize my thoughts is definitely something I need to work on and be able to find a system that can hold it all together.  I think a good agenda in the upcoming year will do-

What's something that you're most happy about this year?
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