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Nail stamping seriously changed the game of nail art. With many unique designs and colours; Moyou  London has quite the collection. The one I have here is the Moyou London Festive Starter Kit* and it has these cute winter inspired designs. The set comes with a nail art design plate, nail stamping polish, rectangular stamp + scraper and a instruction manual. 

At first I was really intimidated and thinking it would be really messy. But once you have all the procedures ready and have thoroughly read through the instruction manual, it was very clean and easy to do. Here are a few tips and steps before you start your experience with Moyou London.
1.  Start off with clean oil-free nails and choose the design you would like.
2. Have all the polishes ready in front of you along with the stamper, scraper and design plate.
3. Choose a base colour and do a quick coating before the stamping.
4. Once your nails have dried, choose the design and do a coating of the stamping polish over the design on the design plate. Quickly using the scraper, scrape off the extra polish in a 45 degree angle and stamp the stamper over the polish on the design plate. 
5. Once you have stamped the stamper on the design plate over where you just scraped off the extra polish. You'll see that the design you want is on the stamper and you're ready to stamp on your nails in whatever inspirational way you like.
6. Once dried, you'll have amazing artistic nails that people would love to know how it's done.

If you've tried the MoYou London,
 let me know in the comment your nail stamping experience.

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