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When it comes to radiance and beauty from within, Racinne* korean skincare really fits into the category of transforming the skin to it's natural state using healthy ingredients.

Hydrating Scrub Mask Hydra Perfection Series: A great way to start the skin off with fresh new product is to exfoliate. I love how fine this exfoliator is and how clean the skin feels after. Great way for better absorption of the brightening series.

Brightening Serum Aqua Blanc Series: This is probably my favourite from the three. With a silky light texture; it's main on reducing dark spots, even skin tone, antibacterial/anti-inflammation and brighter complexion. I noticed my skin evening and finally having it's natural glow. I used this one in the morning after my toner and it gives me enough moisture to carry on the day without feeling dry.

Brightening Cream Aqua Blanc Series: Following the same line as the serum, this cream is great for the evening. It provides you with so much healthy ingredients like aloe vera, lotus, cucumber extract and vitamin e.  I find this cream perfect for canada's harsh weather as winter tends to get really dry. My skin feels so protected in the evening and waking up to a fresh glow.

Thank you Racinne for sending me products that best suited for my skin concerns. I'm amazed with the ingredients and the results and it really helps target dry and dull skin.  Definitely recommend and my skin feels like a pearl, shining from within!

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