Here's my interpretation of minimalism and my idea of incorporating it into your daily life.

By living minimalism, my definition is to live simplified and allowing my life to see more inspirations. My mind feels de-cluttered, organized and well planned. Here are a few things that I like to incorporate minimalism to:

Fashion: With everyday fashion intensely changing, people start to look back to the everyday clothing we use to wear like a plain t-shirt and jeans. The simplicity of wearing at most two colours is really the comforting clothes. But with the transition of modern age, the fabric is modernized with beautiful cuttings and texture. My favourite minimalistic fashion style would definitely be a long plain t-shirt with legging and a pair of converse.

Jewelry: I’m not a big fan of “too much” when it comes to jewelry. I like the simple yet elegant pieces because I think what you wear kinda portrays who you are. And for me, I love pieces that are geometric or simple with a twist.

Makeup: Easy to say, if one product has a lot of versatility than that is the product for me. I love it when my makeup drawers are organized, brand with brand and type with type. That way, you’ll know exactly what you have. 

Photography: Focus on one thing, make it the focal point when you try to capture it and make everything else accompanying it to match it.

Desk Situation: The ease of organization all counts down to “less is more”. My brain likes to function when there’s not much clutter and everything is organized and sitting at the right spot. On the table, I’ll have my computer for blogging, green cactus for my eyes to focus off to after a long time on the computer, candle to release beautiful aromas to de-stress, magazine for the occasional inspiration booster and a light source, either natural light or a beautiful desk lamp.

What's your latest obsession?

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