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Sheet masks has been my go to routine for about twice a week. It's like the best way to sit down relax, read a magazine while the the essence is absorbing in. It really is the key to locking up all the moisture in your face to keep it from dehydration. When it comes to sheet masks I look for hydration level, the material it's made out of and the purpose. 

Soo Beaute Platinum Hydro Gel Mask - I have to say there's no cons about this mask as it's ridiculously amazing. This gel mask comes in two sheets as there's one for the upper face and lower face. It glides on smoothly onto the skin making it very firm on the skin. It brightens, lifts and tones the skin with it's vitamin B3 essence. I have to say that I saw improvement on my skin after the first try. It felt much more firm, hydrated and awake.

SNP Real Wrinkle Firming Skin Essence Mask - I picked up this mask in Hong Kong at a local cosmetic store when one of their employees suggested me this one for a affordable hydrating mask. At first I didn't have high hopes because it's a sheet mask not a preferable gel mask. The intensity of the hydration is really well and after the first use my skin felt much more "bounce to the touch".

Etude House Cherry Lip Gel Patch - So there has been quite a hype lately with a few celebrities using this lip patch. It's a really unique type of mask as who would think you'll need a mask for your lip. But this gel patch is really hydrating for the lips and soothes all cracks. The scent is sweet and seriously you'll have so much fun using this mask it's worth it!

Innisfree Skin Solution Mask Wrinkle Care - This masks main purpose is to smooth out wrinkles and firms the skin. Innisfree products has always been a pleasant journey with me in the case of skin care. After the first application, I've noticed a few fine lines under my eyes that were noticeably gone. The skin felt supple and smooth. Definitely recommend!

VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask - Thank you Claire for sending me this unique mask to try out. It's a under eye oxygen mask made to be used for eight hours and it says to eliminate wrinkles and lighten the under eye dark circles. And as for me, dark circle has been something that I suffer from and I'm really happy to be introduced to this mask. It's like a gel like adhesive mask made to be used before sleeping as it works it's magic throughout the night when you rest. After four uses over a two week period, I've noticed my under eye felt much more firm and awake. I wouldn't say that it got rid of my dark circles but it definitely made it less apparent.

TonyMoly My Little Pet Wrinkle Line Patch - So this cute puppy dog mask is made to be used on top of frown lines or smile lines. It's purposes is to be used to eliminate wrinkle lines and making a gloomy face look into a happy face. I would say the essence is great, the purpose is great but I wished the gel mask could stay on longer. It tends to like to slip off easy as to other gel masks that I've used.

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