Jord Wood Watch Ely | Timeless Fashion

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When it comes to watches, I always look for one that looks simple, easy to wear, and unique. 
Jord Wood Watch simply stated it all in this timeless piece; Ely Series. The construction of this piece is simply different as it's made with the element of wood in a modern aspect.  I believe that a watch can really portray the character of the owner and for this watch it portrays the elegance, simplicity and distinctiveness. 

First off, a few key features about this watch is the beautiful intricate packaging. I love how the designer puts their thought towards every detail and since the watch is wood, the packaging is wood. It's made with scratch resistant material, Citizen Miyota Quartz movement with the display of the date, and it was noted that every piece maybe slightly different due to the different craftsmanship of the wood for each piece. With that said, each piece is individual, unique and belonging to you.

Jord Wood Watch kindly sent me this beautiful piece matching my personal style to allow me to share with my readers their beautiful designs. It's simply a beautiful piece that works well with all outfits. It's nature of element is simply wonderful and I would like to remind my readers the simple beauty of wood and incorporating it into modern fashion.

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