3 Concept Eyes Matte Lipstick | Review


Talk about great pigment, creamy texture and build-able lip colour; 3 Concept Eye has made the best and most appealing matte colours to the lip. The formula is really hydrating, stays on, and the gradation is blend-able. Here are a few colours that suits me and their purposes.

Out of the three colours this one is the most natural. It has a corally light pink tone and I like to wear this on days that I like to be casual. It's a perfect shade for neutral days.
 #609 - JAMMER

I love this red, it leans more on a wine colour rather than cherry pop.
 It's great for sophisticated looks, modernize the femininity and whitens the teeth.

For days you want to look cute, this is the perfect shade of pink. It leans on a brighter peachy pink and great for date nights. The colour can start off natural but so build-able to another pink. 

What's your favourite shade and have you tried 3 Concept Eyes?

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