My Latest Obsession ft. Nars, Eyeko & Shu Uemura


This month has been long and dreadful as I have the travel bug after coming back from Japan. But I have been lusting on many different cosmetics and jewelry and here are my latest obsessions.

After coming back from Asia I've been trying so many new lip colours cause of the trend. And I'm usually the type that just puts on lip balm and go. So to change it up a little, I'm really liking this Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. I got this with my Sephora birthday gift a few months back and I'm really impressed. Since it's a matte lipstick, it's usually really drying but this one is creamy and moisturizing. The colour is not too gloomy like a scarlet red. I really love it and thank Sephora for introducing me to this.

When it comes to brows, this Eyeko Brow Gel really changed the game. I didn't know that my brows good look this tame and so much better. The brush is so well designed that it really helps me move the brows where I want them. It's really great with defining the hair that is always awkwardly sticking out and taming the ends. This is definitely my favourite and I love how much better my face is framed.

I have to give some props to this Shu Uemura S Curler because lately my end lashes have not been cooperating with me and my other eyelash curler seems to always miss the end. This S Curler is much smaller and can get to edges a lot easier than a wide curler. This curler is great for those who always gets pinched by the wide curlers and would like a more particular curling.

Last but not least, my favourite jewelry. I've really been loving the geometric shapes and I love how this ring gives a nice geometric twist but not looking too shaped. And of course I have this thing about nails and I've finally found the earring hoop in Asia so I have to add it to my collection. 

What's your thought on this year's Sephora birthday gift?

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