My Essential Accessories


My essential accessories changes from time to time but it always has the same properties such as comfort, minimal and fashionable.

Forever 21 Pebbled Faux Leather Backpack: I fell in love with this backpack because of it's size; not too big, not too small. It can easily fit all my daily essentials and most importantly my camera. I love how the straps are well attached so the backpack does not lean on the back which can cause sweat on hot weather days. One zipper does it all, keeping it at its minimalist state. 

Nike Roshe Run with Leopard Pattern Prints: I bought these runner back in Japan because of my achy feet walking around Tokyo and getting lost. Never did I ever thought I would like it that much. It's super light and comfy; the sole of the shoes fits around your feet with cushions all around. Although it was a last minute quick purchase, it's probably one of my best purchase. 

Forever 21 Faux Crystal Cuff: This cuff is really minimal and bohemian. I love how it gives me an edge and really fashionable. 

Baublebar Morse Code Cuff: It's always great to have a personalized piece. This cuff from baublebar is really simple and subtle with a morse code engraved of my initial. Great to wear alone or with a stack.

Dainty Rings: Rings are always pieces that I like to have. Aside from my wedding ring, I always like to have other dainty rings to compliment my look if I wear less of other jewelry. It's always a good piece to accompany any look. Easy, simple and minimal.

What's your favourite accessories?

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