How To Get Healthy Skin


My definition of healthy skin would be an even skin tone, minimal blemish, and a healthy glow.
Although I wouldn't say my skin is flawless, but it's definitely at a better state than before. And after all the testing, researching and commitments; here are a few of my tips for healthy skin.

1.  Consumption of Water

Drink as much as possible a day to keep your body hydrated and nourished. Water is the first step of getting your skin healthy cause if you're body is hydrated, so is your skin. And when skin is hydrated, it decreases the production of blemishes, wrinkles, cellulite, acne, etc.

2.  Positivity & De-Stress

Stress causes hormonal malfunctions and can cause acne breakouts and other skin problems. Learn to organize your lifestyle and don't let stress get in the way. Keep yourself positive rather than negative and your mind will help you clear things out and think straight. Start by reading a book and putting your mind away from daily stress and focusing it on a book of interest.

3.  Clean Hygiene

Clean hygiene consists of not touching your face as your hand carries many bacteria.
Clean pillowcase, linens, and blanket covers often to keep it clean from bacteria because it often touches your face when you sleep.
Clean phone screens often with a antibacterial wipe as it touches your face when you make calls.

4.  Knowledge of Your Skin

Always know the type of skin you have, personally I have dry and sensitive skin. And when it comes to dry skin, I always have to keep it moisturized with a heavy cream, avoid use of scented products, and limit shower time from hot water because it can strip away the healthy oil on your skin.

5.  Sun Protection

I use to not believe much in sun protection until my first freckle. SPF sunscreen is definitely a must everyday in your morning skin care routine as too much sun exposure can cause in-depth skin damage leading to freckles, moles, skin discoloration, or skin cancer.

6.  Eat Healthy

What you eat is really important because your skin needs its to nutrients to function properly. I suggest eating a healthy diet consisting of vitamin c, lean protein, and fibre. Try to stay away from processed carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, and over consumption of sugar or salt. One other thing that I have changed in my diet and have seen results is Oatmeal.

Radiant skin starts with a healthy lifestyle and healthy lifestyle starts with a positive mind. 
Learn what's best for you, your lifestyle and your skin.

What's your tips on keeping the skin healthy?

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