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I've recently visited Hong Kong to visit friends, family and my wedding celebration.
The weather this time was perfectly right, with mostly cool temperatures and with lots of sun.
I love traveling back to Hong Kong, but would always need to carry some essentials that I can't get over there. Here's my list and hope it helps with your travels:

Kate Spade Agenda: I carry an agenda with me all the time to keep my schedules updated and write down any extravaganza moments that I would like to remember. I love how this Kate Spade Agenda with pretty polka dots is so minimal, easy to use and has a beautiful gold ridges. This agenda is so beautiful that it makes me open it all the time and not get lazy with writing things down.

Tangle Teezer in Gold: Before my travels, Tangle Teezer sent me a beautiful gold compact hair tamer and really one of my great travel essentials. Instead of bringing a big comb that fills up luggage space, this cute, small, easy use tangle tamer is amazing. I have really dry brittle hair that is knotted with tangles after shower and this dry or wet tamer soothes out tangles in one brushing. #greattravelessential

Fresh Suger Rose Tinted Lip Treatment: With the sun shining so bright and the humid weather, I always like to keep a minimal makeup look. I love how this lip balm has a settle tint, has all the essentials of keeping the lip moist, smells great and has SPF 15. Great for natural makeup days.

L'Occitane Travel Perfume: I like to carry a travel size fragrance with me all the time because with the weather so hot in Hong Kong. I'm always worried about sweating or not smelling fresh. This L'Occitane bottle is the perfect size and with a beautiful floral smell. I like to dab-spot on to my wrists and neck for the perfect coverage.

Guerlain Super Aqua Eye Serum: Before use, I like to put this in the refrigerator for a cooling effect with maximum results. During my travels, my eyes are always sore and puffy; probably because of the altitude changes and the different weather conditions. I received this product as a sample and I brought it along with me to Hong Kong to try and it really is quite awesome. The serum is quite delicate, very smoothing, and my under-eye just feels plumped instantly. Great sample, will definitely get a full size.

Sunglasses & Jewelry: Before leaving to Hong Kong, I had a quick visit with my optometrist and my optometrist saw this light sun spot on my eye and quickly persuaded me to remember to use 100% UV protection sunglasses. So don't forget your sunglasses wherever you go, to keep your eyes protected from the sun, healthy and see many more beautiful things.

What's your travel essentials?

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