My Latest Obsession ft. Dior, OPI, & Lancome


When it comes to my latest obsessions this month, I've recently moved back to my old favourites.

 When I first started with makeup, I was looking for a good concealer and I was suggested this Lancome Teint Miracle. Although its original use is actually a highlighter, it performs really well as a concealer.  It comes in a pen form with a push of a button to extract the formula. The consistency is blend-able and very brightening. I sometimes like to use this as a highlighter as well by gently stroking down the nose and on the high cheek area. Great versatility!

When it comes to nails, I always go back to this OPI - Just Spotted The Lizard. I love the transitioning metallic colour it presents reminding me of reptiles. This colour is bold but elegant and I adore it so much. With regards to metallic colour, I've recently picked up this gold statement necklace with rock details at Forever21 and like any other statement piece, it really rocks out a neutral look.

And lastly, my favourite new item that I picked up at Sephora is this Dior Addict Lip Glow in the colour Coral. Sometimes maintaining a bold lip is very difficult and I love how this Dior Lipstick is easy to use, lovely tinted and is so moisturizing. It lasts all day, with SPF 10 and the sheerness is absolutely perfect. 

Now, what's your latest obsession?

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