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Each time I run out for coffee, I always like to carry a little coin purse that has my few essentials and walk out the door. This Husky Coin Purse has been my latest on-the-go item and I'm loving how cute and clean it looks. Thanks to Moooh!! I've finally found my favourite coin purse.

On the go, I would always pick up a few essentials like my phone, lip balm, hand cream, light refreshment perfume, cash, credit card and my favourite coffee gift-card. With these items, I'm invincible. This coin purse is surely great quality and the colours are vibrant and of course the husky face is so irresistible. I get compliments every time I carry this coin purse out, I love it!

Most of you have heard of the latest trend with grumpy cat. And it's quite a different and unique piece! 
It gives fashion a sense of cuteness and edge to the rest of the style. The best part of this is that I've finally found a place that sells this and for a affordable price and in great quality. Moooh!! is a great online store that sells many trendy pieces ranging from fashion - women and men, accessories, jewelry, and interior home pieces. Sign up now on Moooh!! and get $15 credit on your next purchase. Free Shipping & Return to Canada.

Let me know what your favourite essentials are when you're on the go down in the comment below and don't forget to check out Moooh!! and Sign up to get $15 to spend on your next purchase.

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