My Latest Obsession ft. Baublebar, Anastasia, & NYX


Lately I've been deeply in love with statement pieces paired with minimal fashion pieces. 
And I love how I've been transitioning from gold to silver, in terms of jewelry. 

This month, my favourite purchase must be my statement necklace from Baublebar designed by Wendy's Lookbook; Crystal Gendal Bib. This is my first statement necklace and I believe that it will be my favourite for a long time. It has the perfect balance between the antique gold and the studs that it doesn't feel too heavy. It can be easily paired to minimal fashion like a plain top with a pencil skirt or can also be rocked on top of a edgy t-shirt and boyfriend jeans. #musthave

Also from Baublebar this month is my personalized Morse Code Cuff with the letter "S".
This piece is so minimal and so beautiful that you would not want to take it off. It's really meaningful to have something personal on a piece of jewelry and have the feeling that it's yours only. The sleek gold cuff is tight to the wrist and great that it doesn't move around. I love adding this to my arm candy as it tops everything off with a simple look. #minimalism

My latest obsession in terms of makeup would definitely be this Anastasia Brow Wiz in Dark Brown. I know I have mentioned it many time before but it really deserves the recognition. The pencil has a lovely tip that easily draws on build-able strokes. And it really gives precise definition to your brows to frame your face beautifully. #alltimefavourite

I've never been much of a lip makeup person but this month I have finally found the colour that I feel comfortable to wear out. Sometimes when you're a beginner to makeup, it feels weird to apply a colour on your face and walk out, cause your not sure if looks good on you or if you applied it correctly. So most beginners would tend to look for things that aren't too new to the face and stick with the closest matching colours. And since I'm really new to lip colour, I've found this NYX Extra Creamy Round in LSS565. My lips tend to lean more on the pink-purple side and this is literally that but more enhancing. I love how it's very smooth and easy to apply but will need re-applications throughout the day.

What's your latest obsessions this month and how do you like to pair a statement piece?

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