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Collaboration # 6

Memebox (pronounced "mi-mi") is the leading online Korean beauty retailer.
They are best known for their subscription beauty boxes, each packed with a range of full sized products and deluxe samples sourced directly from Korea. They also carry individual full-sized items in their Memeshop.  All products are carefully chosen to target Korea's cult favourites and hottest trends. 

Memebox teamed up with Youtube fashion & beauty mentor Vegabond Youth
 to curate an autumn makeover box, with its sole mission to help you master fall beauty routine.

Here is my review for this Memebox X Vegabond Youth:

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer 10ml ($7): 10/10 - This eye primer is a great dupe to Urban Decay's primer potion. But in order for it to last all day, you really need to let the product dry before any shadows or product is put on the eyelid #dupealert

Etude House Tear Drop Liner 8g ($7): 9/10 - Pretty tear duct shimmer to add some cuteness to the eye. One of the most popular trends in Korea to make the eye look bigger and more awake. I love how it doesn't irritate the eye and how easy it is to use. #koreatrend

Miss Age Essential Lip Rouge 01 Pure Red 8.5ml ($17): 8/10 - So I've always wanted to try the whole popular korea trend with gradient lips and this is the perfect colour and perfect texture. Does not dry me out, great shine and I love how easy it is to use.

Rivecowe Plenty Volume Mascara 10ml ($15): 7/10 - This mascara is really volumizing and I love how the wand is straight and does not cause any clumps. Few applications and lashes are so soothe and thick. Only down-side is that it is a little heavy to curl.

Ideeb Sweet Gelish Eyeliner 03 Gold Brown 3g ($9): 

9/10 - yeliner glides "O' So Smooth" with a really pretty velvet brown colour. The eyeliner isn't considered smudge-proof but would work great if an eyeshadow can set it on top.

Good'P Madeca Cream 20ml ($24): 10/10 - This 

cream is absolutely amazing and silky smooth. It absorbs really quickly and would work well to add moisture before with base makeup like a primer. It gave my hands a refreshing soften glow. Feels like a lighter version of L'Occitane hand cream and I love it. Packaging is cute & pink too. #thumbsup

Dearberry Toc Toc Blusher #3 Peach Sorbet 5g ($9): 10/10 - My favourite part about this blusher is the cute puff that is attached to it. This peachy colour is very settle and velvety on the skin; great for first time blushers. It has a subdued finish that creates a more 3D face shape to sharpen jaw-line.

Color World Matte Eye Shadow Palette 8g ($36): 10/10 - Perfect shades together in one. Great for everyday use, and the colours range from a dark matte mocha, shimmery light brown and a light brown wash shade. These shades together can create many versatile natural looks ranging from minimal to smokey. 

Shara Shara Color Control Cream SPF50+ PA+++ No.2 Natural Beige 40ml ($24): 10/10 - My first CC cream and it leaves my skin with a natural glowing complexion. It is quite long lasting, light texture, and it evens out my skin. To make this look even more perfect on the skin, you can mix it with the Madeca Cream to smooth out fine wrinkles and cover pores evenly. #dewyaffect


Overall Review: This box cost $23 but contains the value of $148. Vegabond Youth & Memebox did a great job with the selections to match this fall season. The colour variety, product selections are all essential this season. The selections are very appropriate to promote the latest trends in Korea. This is my first Memebox and I am overwhelmed by how many great products came in this box for the price I paid. 

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