June 2014 | My Latest Obsession


My life lately has been revolving around pollen allergy and the absolute craving for dark chocolate. 

After receiving two days of absolute non-stop raining, the pollen just flew out like snow. My eye started itching like crazy, my nose felt all stuffed, and it felt like I need to scratch my throat all the time.

But aside from the disastrous allergy, this Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate is keeping my mind off of it. I love how it melts so sweetly smooth and then comes a crunch of sea salt. It's like the perfect combination #cantgetenoughofit 

My favourite touch of gold accessories would definitely be my Gold Studded Nail Bracelet and my Triangle Long Cone Necklace piece from F21. #goldismyobsession

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray - Long Lasting - Out of all the sprays form Urban Decay, this one is the best! I recently returned the B6 spray and got this one to try. And yes it's a big difference. This one holds everything in place. All the hard artistic work of putting on your makeup pays off with this amazing long lasting setting spray. Not only does it leave everything in place but it helps with non creasing of the makeup, no fading of the eye shadow & no shine at the end of the day. So I would definitely recommend this product to all-skin type and definitely oily skin! #workslikeacharm

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Oil - Fresh - I've never tried cleansing oil before and this one blew me away. It cleansed my makeup off so well without harshly rubbing on to your skin like the alcohol products.  It gives you a good time to allow you to smoothly massage your face with your fingertips. Leaving the face moist and clean. Doesn't clog pores or create any un-needed blackheads or acne. The best part, it does not sting the eye!

- A little fun tip: after massaging this on your skin and melting off the makeup, you'll probably end up with a smudged black panda eye before you rinse off. So go and scare someone beside you to get a laugh out of them. I did! And I asked my honey if he still loves me? #hehe -

Thank you for reading, and let me know what's your obsession this month?


  1. i heard so many good things about the shu uemura cleansing oil, but i'm not a fan of oils so i never tried that out. do you remove your makeup in the shower? i always find it a mess if i use oils as they drip down my arms as i massage it in. :(

    1. I have to agree. Oil takes more time to rub into everything and cleanse it out. It's great if you don't want to put too much pressure on the skin vs an non oil cleanser. And I don't clean in the shower because I don't have a mirror. But vs oil and non oil.. i like non oil a bit more because it's faster and easier and oil cleanser for days when I just want to massage and pamper my skin ^^ but my favourite cleanser aside from this shu uemura would definitely "no doubt" be the bioderma one.

    2. hehehe HIGH 5! i prefer using cotton pads as i feel like it helps to exfoliate better. and it's less messy too. bioderma is expensive here in singapore :( i guess it may be more affordable at your side? :)

    3. I agree but a little goes a long way! Which one do you prefer?
      I'm heading back to HK in September for a month, and really want to get a bunch of asian cosmetics, as where I live it's hard to get unless I order online!
      Do bad we can't do a meetup! :(

    4. i've tried bioderma (at my cousin's place), i find it to be a little too gentle. i'm using bifesta cleansing lotion now, i feel like it's the same as the bioderma!!! but much cheaper :DDD do give it a try, they're available in watsons in hk!!! yea, asian stuff are expensive at your side for some reason. i wonder if it's the import tax or what! i think you'll go crazy back in hk, you may like to check out the other cosmetic stores too (bonjour, colourmix, aster), they are just like sasa, the selection may be smaller, but the prices might be more competitive sometimes.

      i wish i'm in hk!!! i'm planning to go back at the end of the year as the weather is cooler (i really miss winter), but by then you'd be back in canada already! BOO! BUT, maybe someday i'll be in canada :DDDD

    5. Im so excited to go back and shop cosmetics hehe. I will try bifesta forsure!
      Thank you for the recommendation! So are you born in Singapore?
      Yes if you come by Canada, you have to visit me!

    6. i'm waiting for your haul entry :D you're most welcome! hehe love to share good and affordable stuff with everyone!
      i'm born in hong kong! hehehe!

    7. Really! How come your english is so good? Did you study in america? ^^

    8. really! hehehe thanks for the compliment! i studied in singapore :P in singapore we have to learn english.. so maybe that's why!



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