Arizona Birkenstock


Finally got my hand on one of these bad boys. My first pair of arizona matte black Birkenstock.
I love how casual it is to just slip one of these on and go. Today I paired it with a black crop top, leather textured pants & some shades. 

The only thing I'll have to complain about Birkenstock is the pain that comes after a false slip of the shoe and your heel just stomps right on the harsh edge on the back. Ouch! It's like a major poke to the pressure point. Hopefully it's a good pressure point to poke. -giggles-

And some accessories that I topped this outfit with would be this double dangle triangle stud necklace, my all time favourite gold nail bracelet and some purple gradient shades.

Crop Top: Forever21 | Pants: H&M | Sandal: Arizona Birkenstock | Sunglasses: Forever21 | Necklace: Forever21 | Bracelet: Ebay


  1. Perfect combination my dear and you look great as always and how cute is your necklace xx

    1. Thank you Varinder, you are such a sweetheart!



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