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Being yourself is something that I've been struggling with since I was very young. 
I'm always the awkward kid around the corner or the one who's sitting by herself and not fitting in.
But here are a few tips of how I grew out of that and finding a place where I belong.

Don't let people define you, you're the only person that can define yourself. 
Sometimes it's hard to stand around and hear feedbacks of how people think you are. By them not knowing you and judging you can be so ignorant. What people thought of me use to bother me a lot but I always kept myself at a level where I have positive vibes only. Meaning if one thing/person did "no good to me" then I'll stay far away. 

Don't pretend to be someone your not.
In life, there's sometimes many different masks to put on but bearing all those masks can be very tiresome. So instead of carrying something so heavy,  I learn to let go and keep myself with one thought, 
"Be true to your feelings, honest in everything you do and it'll provide you with courage without the fear of being judged."

Figure out your niche.
Allow yourself to dive deep into your thoughts and truly figure out what's wrong and what's right. Sometimes you'll be surprised with what you find! It's all about creating the "individual you" and sitting where you are most comfortable. Till then, you'll find true happiness. 

example. Just like instagram, when you find your niche, your followers will see the real you and believe in your story and give you a like :) Simple!

So to the thought of being yourself, let's label it with this beautiful personalized DONO streetwear. 

DONO, Parisian brand honors them with t-shirts and hoodies embroidered customizable hand. The shirts are hand printed in Dakar, and the hoodies are hand embroidered by passionate and enterprising women (at Barkatou, small village in Senegal), who can with this income, provide for school fees and health of their children.
For this you get to choose the colour of your sweatshirt/tees, size, preselected visual, and even the colour of the wool. With a very personalized streetwear, this is what BEING YOU is all about.

Visit JustDONO social medias here for their great initiative and inspiration.

Being yourself is something that I've been struggling with since I was very young.  I&...

Jimmy Choo Exotic


With summer just around the corner, I'm looking into wearing more colour and patterns.
And aside from fashion, I'm also looking into a new scent, a new fragrance.  I'm quite picky when it comes to perfume, I mean it's something that signatures your personality and it lingers on you throughout most of the day. And for most people different season craves a different scent.

So with summer around the corner, I tend to lean on a refreshing and somewhat fruity scent but not too sweet. Most of the time it's always the well designed bottles that attract me first. 
-I mean just looking at it makes me happy!

And this year, Jimmy Choo came out with their new fragrance called EXOTIC. 

"EXOTIC is a refreshing and sparkling scent for summer. It is for a strong but playful woman with an alluring magnetism who has the ability to stop people in their tracks and leaves them with a lingering sense of wonder." - Sandra Choi, Creative Director of Jimmy Choo

The fragrance is simply what I craved for this summer. It has top notes of blackcurrant sorbet, pink grapfruit; heart notes of passion flower and tiger orchid; and base notes of raspberry and patchouli.
The bottle is inspired by the Venetian Island of Murano with the python patterned glass and shades of pink. It's elegantly stunning and will go well with my perfume collection.

It's simply refreshing and sweet but not too sweet!

What's your favourite perfume this summer?
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With summer just around the corner, I'm looking into wearing more colour and patterns. And...

When life gives you lemons...


Suck it up, and learn from the experience!

It's clear to say, there are always moments in life when you have to make difficult choices, do things out of your comfort zone and straight up don't like.

But when hard tasks comes your way, there's always a beneficial side to the circumstance.

Usually when situations like this happen, you learn! 
Because people are always afraid of new things and new things means you'll need to learn in order to finish the task. I use to be the type of people that was scared of everything. When I was younger I would be afraid to make an order at a fast food restaurant or pickup the home telephone because I'm afraid and don't know what's on the other end. But once you've done it once, the second time becomes much easier.

As you grow older, doing new things is what makes you grow as a person. Doing new things can help you achieve a new task and basically put a checkmark off the list. 

When opportunities comes your way, grasp onto it and think about what it can do for you in the long run. Don't miss out! 

Thanks for tuning in on my random life lecture ;) and let me know in the comments below how you handle "life lemons".

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Suck it up, and learn from the experience! It's clear to say, there are always moment...


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