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When life gives you lemons...


Suck it up, and learn from the experience!

It's clear to say, there are always moments in life when you have to make difficult choices, do things out of your comfort zone and straight up don't like.

But when hard tasks comes your way, there's always a beneficial side to the circumstance.

Usually when situations like this happen, you learn! 
Because people are always afraid of new things and new things means you'll need to learn in order to finish the task. I use to be the type of people that was scared of everything. When I was younger I would be afraid to make an order at a fast food restaurant or pickup the home telephone because I'm afraid and don't know what's on the other end. But once you've done it once, the second time becomes much easier.

As you grow older, doing new things is what makes you grow as a person. Doing new things can help you achieve a new task and basically put a checkmark off the list. 

When opportunities comes your way, grasp onto it and think about what it can do for you in the long run. Don't miss out! 

Thanks for tuning in on my random life lecture ;) and let me know in the comments below how you handle "life lemons".

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Suck it up, and learn from the experience! It's clear to say, there are always moment...

First Impression | Amore Pacific Skincare


There's a series of interval in your life when you're like "yes, I need to start doing this!".
And at the current moment, I'm at the stage where I feel like my skin needs more hydration and it's ever so often -breaking out. So, I've been on a run-out to check and invest in anti-aging skincare.  

Now, when it comes to anti-aging; Amore Pacific always comes to mind. I've heard so many great nutrients that they put in their products and I'm surprised to see that they use ingredients like EGCG polyphenol (found in green tea when harvest at peak time), bamboo and red ginseng. As these types of ingredients are fairly new to me, especially bamboo and red ginseng. I'm very curious as to what it does to the skin. 

So here's my first impression review to the Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal Fluid*:

What it claims to do: 

- moisturizes skin to help improve product absorption.
- delivers antioxidant-rich Asian botanicals including EGCG (powerful antioxidant derived from first harvest green tea, into the skin to protect against environmental aggressors).
- improves radiance, tone and smooths out skin texture.
- asian botanical ingredients deliver continuous anti-aging benefits.
- the product contains 100% first harvested green tea water for enhanced moisturizing effects.

Texture and Scent:

The texture is silky smooth, very light and the scent is very refreshing, not overwhelming but nice.

My Overall Impression:

  I've mentioned before how my skin was slightly damaged from the harsh sun exposure from my last trip to Asia, and this product really helped my red veins appear less apparent and the rough skin around my nose and chin has smoothened out. There was instant improvement after the first week of using this product as my night time serum. My skin had this nice radiant glow. The aftermath of using this product claims what it's suppose to do and I've definitely added this to my favourites.

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There's a series of interval in your life when you're like "yes, I need to start d...

How To Stay Motivated


When it comes to motivation, I have to clearly admit that it's no easy task. With so many things to do during the day, it's easy to get lost in your mind and forget about your key focus. But don't stress, I've put together a few tips and tricks to get your day going again.

Like everyone says, #butfirstcoffee! It's seriously the perfect way to start the day. Drinking something warm to get the blood circulating can actually promote your brain to be more active. 
So sit back, sip up and savour the moment!

On days when I feel unmotivated, I sit down with my cup of coffee and I #setgoals. Pick up your favourite pen and paper and start noting down the things you want to do and accomplish. Although you may not be able to get everything done on the list but at least you have it organized. It makes a huge difference when it's on paper vs. in your mind because when you get things done one at a time and you start crossing it off your list, it's a great sense of accomplishment. 

Ok, now #tablesituation. In those moments when you sit down by your table and you look at the computer screen filled with a blank white image, "yes, you're clearly unmotivated!" Key objects that I like to have on my table is my favourite #stationery. Especially stationery with your certain style and  uniqueness. I like to have with me a notepad that says "Dear Self..." clearly to remind me all the time of my goals, a blank note pad that I use for sketching of ideas, and candles to keep me relaxed. I find that when my table situation is right, it always sets the perfect mood. 

Last but not least, #stayinspired. It's easier said then to be done but I like to have quotes and pictures of my favourite style laying around to keep me motivated. I always use social medias like Pinterest and Instagram to browse through beautiful portfolios and keep myself inspired. So staying motivated isn't too hard as long as you set your goals, stay inspired, do things that you love.

A kind mention to our wonderful stationery that always provides us with functionality, inspiration and simple beauty. Without you, I don't think I can keep myself motivated. Thank you to Papyrus* for sending me beautiful stationery, that I honestly love and can't get enough of. 

Happy Stationery Day! 
Let me know in the comments below your favourite stationery and how it keeps you motivated. 
When it comes to motivation, I have to clearly admit that it's no easy task. With so ...


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